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A rich international Conference Programme is proposed focusing on three main topics : biomethanea quality approach to anaerobic digestion and thirdly, agricultural methanisation and the circular economy.
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10h00   Round Table : Perspectives for the developpement of biométhane in France : the plan of action to achieve 30% renewable gas by 2030, ADEME - Jean-François Blot - Project Manager, GRDF, Franck Wintenberger -Territorial and Future Projects Director, GRTgaz - Julien Schmit, Responsable Biomethane Development
11h15   Perspectives for Biomethane in Italy : its contribution to the Italian National Energy Strategy 2030, Consorzio Italiano di Biogas (tbc)
11h35   Perspectives for Biomethane in Denmark : repowering - cogeneration to biomethane, Dansk Fagcenter for Biogasn, Jakob Lorenzen - DIrecteur
11h55   Perspectives for Biomethane in Sweden : “Green Gas 2050”, Energie Gas, Fredrik Svensson
12h15   Perspectives for biomethane in the UK : existing projects and opportunities in the UK for biomethane and biofuel/LNG, Department for International Trade (DIT), Deborah Sacks - Waste and Resources Specialist
12h35   Questions and Answers

14h00   Examining and reducing the cost of biomethane production, GRDF, Christophe Bellet - Director Biomethane Project
14h15   2nd Generation Biomethane : the challenge and industrial perspectives, ENGIE, Olivier Guerrini - R&D Management, Key Program Biogas
14h30   « Decisive » Micro-methanisation in urban settings : A decentralized management scheme for innovative valorization of urban biowaste, Irstea, Pierre Thiriet - Technologies et procedures for water and waste products
14h45   Biomethane from wastewater or algae, 3 R&D projects (FP7 All-Gas, Life Méthamorphosis, H2020 Incover), Aqualia
15h05   Perspectives for Power to Gas, GRTgaz, Christophe Pardieu - Project Head Power To Gas
15h20   Perspectives for Micro-Algues, GRTgaz, Robert Muhlke - Director Biomethane 3G Project
15h35   Questions and Answers

16h15   Perspectives bioNGV 2030 - 2050, AFGNV, Gilles Durand - Sécretaire Général
16h30   Future perspectives : BioNGV on the farm, SCARA, Manon Deneufbourg
16h45   Future perspectives : animal protein from methane / eco-labeling, S3D, Anthony Kerihuel - Président
17h00   Blue Stations Network « NGV liquid and/or gaseous, bio or non-bio, hydrogen and liquid nitrogen for lorry refrigeration units », AirLiquide (tbc)
17h15   The train LNG, (tbc)
17h30   Questions and Answers

10h00   Quality markers : method and objectives, Methatlantique
10h15   Facilitate the development and hand over to the operator through training CRA PdL
10h30   Accompanying Project Developpers, Coop de France
10h45   Prepare your injection project and financing request, Représentant Bancaire
11h00   Methanisation safely and securely : Return of Experience and best practice, INERIS
11h15   Impact of biogas leaks on environmental performance of an AD facility, IRSTEA
11h35   Performance guarantees written into contracts, Decid et Risk
11h55   Return of experience from paricipative finacing, Demeter Energies
12h15   Questions and Answers

14h00   Intermediary Crops : Cost and benefits, Chambre d'Agriculture,  Sebastien Bordereau
14h15   Intermediary Crops : Testimonies from GIEE Brittany methanisors
14h30   Develop a new acitity from AD residual heat : market gardening, spiruline production
15h00   AD et zootechnics performance : swine housing heating, fodder drying
15h30   The AAMF charter / perspectives for bioGNV AAMF
16h00   Materials balance at the operational level : exchange basis effluents/digestate, AILE, Gregory Vrignaud
16h20   Questions and Answers

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Study Tours »

Study Tours


Study Tours to local special sites of interest can be attended the day before the exhibition opens, ie the 6th February.
The guided tours are conducted in French.

Circuit 1 - Tuesday 6th February
GAEC des Vallons
, La Foye, 85700 Menomble
GAEC Limovents à Treize-vents (85) 
Organiser : Biogaz Vallée
12h30 - departure from the Parc Expo de la Beaujoire
14h00 - 15h30 : GAEC des Vallons
16h00 - 17h30 : GAEC Limovent
19h00  - return to the Parc Expo de la Beaujoire
Register here (in French)

Circuit 2 - Tuesday 6th February
Vihiers Bioenergies
, 49310 Saint-Hilaire
Station GNC d’Agri BioMéthane, 85290 Mortagne sur Sevre
Organiser : AILE
12h30 - departure from the Parc Expo de la Beaujoire
14h00 - 15h30 : Vihiers Bioenergies
16h00 - 17h00 : Station GNV d'Agri BioMéthane 
19h00 - return to the Parc Expo de la Beaujoire
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International Business Meetings »

International Business Meetings

Visitors and exhibitors can participate free of charge in the International Business Meetings sessions in parallel with Biogaz Europe, organised by the CCI Pays de la Loire and Entreprise Europe Network.

Ahead of the event, registered participants will be able to request meetings with each other. A few days before the event, participants will recieve their personnal meeting schedule in order to optimise their time during the Exhibition.
Participation is free of charge. The business meetings are organised through the
  Enterprise Europe Network.

Click here to register and participate in the business meetings.

Innovation Competition »

Innovation Competition

The Biogaz Europe Innovation Competition and its prize award ceremony are always a highly anticipated moment of the event. This Competition, open to all Biogaz Europe exhibitors, awards a "Biogaz d'Or" and one or several "Biogaz d'Argent" to the most significant innovations of the year. These innovations may be products or services, and are judged by a jury of professionals, known for their experience and impartiality.

The 2018 award ceremony will happen on Wednesday 7th February 2018.


Meet the Jury 2018

The Jury 2018 is comprised of 3 members from multiple and complimentary disciplines, each one of whom brings a particular experience or knowledge of the sector.

Gregory LANNOU, Biogaz Vallée®
Gregory LANNOU, Biogaz Vallée®


"Le Concours de l’Innovation de Biogaz Europe permet de mettre en lumière les avancées technologiques des entreprises impliquées de la filière méthanisation en France qui contribuent à rendre plus performante, plus vertueuse et plus rentable cette énergie renouvelable en pleine croissance."

Caroline RAYOL, Pôle de Compétitivité Industrie & Agro-Ressources, le Pôle de la bioéconomie
Caroline RAYOL, Pôle de Compétitivité Industrie & Agro-Ressources, le Pôle de la bioéconomie

Methanisation Manager

"Ce concours permet de mettre en valeur des technologies qui contribuent à accélère la compétitivité de la filière biogaz. Il montre le dynamisme, la maturité et l'évolution de la filière."


Chargé de Mission

"Chaque année des nouvelles innovations présentées sont une très bonne vitrine du dynamisme de la filière. On voit ainsi les technologies évoluées pour s'adapter aux différentes attentes des acteurs de cette filière."