An innovative insurance program of quality at controlled costs !

To optimize your insurance costs and the safety & quality of your Biogas/Methanization plants, meet Alexis Assurances

Many insurers are withdrawing from the Biogas/Methanization plants market because of the sinistrality (fire, explosion, machine breakage, electrical damage). The origin of the damage comes down to four criteria: - poor design and / or poor construction (especially inappropriate for inputs), - operating errors (non-compliance with the process) - non-compliance with the items inputs of production recipe - the non-respect of the formulation or the rhythm of the maintenance. We set up with the professionals, the investors, the professional unions and the control offices, a process of qualitative improvement which makes it possible to find insurers likely to engage on an insurance program with insurance costs totally controlled. By doing so, Alexis Assurances contributes to the insurability of the Biogas/ Methanization plants and the stabilization of insurance costs.