Producing biomethane on the farm, the right choice with Evalor!

EVALOR realized the first unit injecting biomethane in the West of France in 2014! With a strong expertise and experience in this field, EVALOR offers complete biomethane production solutions for agricultural biogas plants. This offer includes:

  • A specific preparation (eg: grinding, premixing, hydrolysis ...) of the inputs to increase the degradation of the organic matter and the production of biogas,
  • Adapted residence time in the digester (s) to optimize investments,
  • Automation of the process with software of traceability and remote supervision to reduce the time of manpower and of daily follow-up,
  • A selection of powerful and reliable equipments, adapted to the technical specificities of your project

This know-how will be presented to you during the technical visit of the SARL MOREL Energies planned as part of the exhibition Biogaz Europe 2019, on January 29th.