Launch of METHASOL : DRY fermentation new generation

A solution for manures and composting plant

The first installation METHASOL of Sud-Ouest Biogaz is ready to start at Mr Joly's Farm, breeder of calves on straw and bisons. The installation plans to treat 5000 tons of manure per year. METHASOL is a dry fermentation process, new generation. His design is based on the experience of the founders of Sud-Ouest Biogaz acquired within ARIA Energies, first company which have realized the first dry fermentation plants in France. This new generation of solid digestor Have: - a full and automated open/close system: for a secure handling and a facilitated access - an automated management system of percolates, always based on a maximal immersion Ideal for manure fermentation, METHASOL can treat all the waste of composting plants and can be integrated into an existing plants to treat waste which can not be accepted in the liquid digestor.