Small-scale units for waste valorization

Small-scale methanisation and gasification technology

Sharing the same moral values, Naoden will house Enerpro Biogaz on its stall at Biogaz Europe in Nantes. The finding of the two "Nantaise" startups is shared: waste is a resource and an organisation of local recycling makes sense. In harmony with this shared finding, Naoden has developed a small-scale pyro-gasification technology, and carried out its first project on the Coteaux Nantais site in 2016, to produce renewable energy from wood waste. Enerpro Biogaz, realized a pico-methanisation unit on the farm, from veal liquid manure in 2016 and is working on a prototype for food waste in urban areas. Given the evolutions of the waste management models, Naoden's and Enerpro Biogaz's local solutions offer an alternative to conventional waste treatment systems, in order to collectively improve the proportion of waste that is recovered, regarding energy and agronomy.