CIAT equips Waga Energy’s WAGABOX®, the world’s first purification unit for the upgrading of landfill gas into biomethane.

with DRYPACK Plus, biogas drying and washing system

CIAT, a leading name in biogas dehumidification systems, was selected by Waga Energy to supply a component of this world’s first purification unit. In service on the non-hazardous waste landfill site of Coved in Saint-Florentin (Yonne, France) since 14th February 2017, the WAGABOX® is the first unit able to produce and upgrade biogas from household waste. Designed, built and operated by the Grenoble based start-up Waga Energy (a spin-off of Air Liquide Advanced Technologies), the installation injects pure biomethane into the natural gas distribution network, delivering 20 GWh of “green energy” per year to some 3000 homes. A result of 10 years of development, the WAGABOX® is the first industrial unit able to extract biomethane from raw landfill gas, a complex mixture saturated in impurities, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide whose purification is very difficult.