Chevron Lubricants introduces Texaco HDAX 9500 SAE 40

A new high-performance gas engines oil, specifically designed for landfill, digester gas and sour gas application.

Texaco HDAX 9500 SAE 40 is a high-performance dispersant/detergent-type gas engine oil, specifically designed for high-efficiency four-stroke engines running on landfill gas, biogas, digester gas, and sour gas applications. Texaco HDAX 9500, introduced late 2019, has already manufacturer approvals from INNIO Jenbacher TA 1000-1109, for engine types 2, 3, 4 (versions A and B), type 6 (versions C and E).
Texaco HDAX 9500 offers advanced deposit control, provides abrasive wear protection, oxidation/nitration resistance with base retention. It helps to deliver extended drain capability and minimize negative effects caused by ash deposits on key components. Reduction of ash deposits helps to maintain the engines efficiency with high BMEP.

Customer benefits: With better protected engines, it helps to reduce downtime, maintenance costs and provide longer engine service life.