Rennes is at the heart of Western France, the most promissing region for biogas, comprising:

  • the heartland of french agriculture and organic waste
  • more than a third of French agricultural and territorial biogas projects, in operation or under development
  • half of the French cattle and pig rearing sectors
  • one third of the French agro-industrial sector in terms of employees and turnover

To know more about the biogas sector in France.

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250 exhibitors and represented companies are expected at Biogaz Europe 2019 from across the entire European biogas spectrum covering raw materials and substrates, manufacturers of biogas plants, component and system management suppliers, biogas and biomethane uses and applications, technical and tertiary services etc … 

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4000 professional visitors expected to visit Biogaz Europe 2019 encompassing farmers and agro-alimentary professionals (32%), local authorities and project developers (20%), Manufacturers or suppliers of plant components (16%), Consultants (16%), Planners / manufacturers of biogas plants (8%), other services (8%).



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