Biogaz Europe is the reference international exhibition for green, renewable gas.

The exhibition brings together the entire sector covering the feedstock supply chain and its pretreatment, the entire process of methanisation and digestate management to energy recovery, including co/tri-generation, upgrading and methanation to biomethane and biognv fuels.

A broad programme for the two days including a rich international conference programme with simultaneous translation, international business meetings, study tours, the innovation competition etc.. and two parallel complementary events for biomass energy and waste to energy make Biogaz Europe the unmissable meeting point for 2020 !

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FEEDSTOCK : Substrates to feed anaerobic digestion are sourced from a multiple of streams : agricultural, animal, agro-alimentary and restaurant waste, intermediary crops , organic fraction from waste treatment centers, waste water etc.

PROCESS : The anaerobic digestion process occurs in a digester by way of microbial and bacterial interaction with the substrates supported by heat and time. The resulting biogas is  primarily composed of CH4 and CO2 with smaller amounts of H2S and ammonia.

OUTPUTS : Biogas can be combusted in a gas engine or it can be upgraded to biomethane. The residual C02 can be processed with H2 (generated from excess wind or solar energy) to produce additional biomethane, a process known as methanation.

ENERGY RECOVERY : the energy recovery opportunities of biogas are pure heat, steam or heat & power. Biomethane can be injected directly into the gas network or utilised for transport : bioNGV - road haulage, bioLNG - road haulage and maritime.

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250 exhibitors and represented companies are expected at Biogaz Europe 2020 from across the entire European biogas spectrum covering raw materials and substrates, manufacturers of biogas plants, component and system management suppliers, biogas and biomethane uses and applications, technical and tertiary services etc … 

 Nantes is at the heart of Western France, a highly dynamic region for biogas, comprising:

  • the heartland of french agriculture and organic waste
  • more than a third of French agricultural and territorial biogas projects, in operation or under development
  • half of the French cattle and pig rearing sectors
  • one third of the French agro-industrial sector in terms of employees and turnover

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4000 professional visitors are expected at Biogaz Europe 2020:
- farmers and agro-alimentary professionals (32%)
- local authorities and project developers (20%)
- manufacturers or suppliers of plant components (16%)
- consultants (16%)
- planners / manufacturers of biogas plants (8%)
- other services (8%)

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